Saturday, 12 September 2009

VST REVIEW: Free SCI Pro Synthesizer VST's

Above: P-600.

Above: Prophet 5.

Above: Pro 1.

I discovered these plugins while searching the internet for free plugins and I came across these.

Their based on Sequential Circuits a bit old school for me but their all very good for basslines (a bit of delay and reverb make them sound modern enough).

Their made by EFM synths who have also made VST's based on other well known hardware synths.

They don't come with many presets and most of them seem to be based on some of the sounds it created and came with, mainly the Prophet 5 which had a few presets and was one of the first synths to do so.

One of the presets is a haunting bell like sound which reminds me of a sound Gary Numan used on his Dance and I Asssassin albums, Just listen to opening sounds of 'Slow Car to China' on his Dance album.

Of course you can get better Prophet 5 VST's like Native Instrutments Pro 53 and Memorymoon's Messiah, but for a freebie EFM's you can't really complain.

I don't know how well they stand up against the real deal as I never used the actual synths themseleves, but I think you can do quite a bit with them.

Me I would use them for basslines as I think thats what they are really good at.

Give them a try.

PS: Next album review might be Psyclon Nine's Divine Infekt album.

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