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Psyclon Nine Divine Infekt Review.

Album: Divine Infekt.

Released: 2003

Produced by: Da5id Din of Informatik.

Label: Noitekk.

Genre: Electro-Industrial, Aggrotech, Dark Electro (with minor influences of Industrial Metal and Black Metal).


1. Divine Infekt.
2. Tyranny.
3. Clinik.
4. Slaughter.
5. Resurrekt.
6. Payback.
8. Rusted.
9. So Be It
10. As You Sleep.
11. Divine Infekt (Tactical Sekt Un Version).

Yes my Divine Infekt review is finally here on my blog. Sorry for the very long wait. Psyclon Nine have changed well over he past seven years starting out more as a Dark Electro act adding more Black and Industrial Metal influences into their sound increasing their accessibility to other audiences. Psyclon Nine began life in 2000 when P9 vocalist Nero Bellum was inspired my Industrial Metal and Rock acts like Ministry and KMFDM in his first project called 'Defkon Sodomy' but soon evolved more into a Electro-Industrial and Dark Electro sound influenced by bands like Suicide Commando, Hocico, :Wumpscut: and Velvet Acid Christ by going to clubs that played this kind of Industrial music. Nero Bellum also took his vocal style from Symphonic Black Metal acts like Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir with the pitch shifted sound of Aggrotech bands. Thus started the sound of Psyclon Nine we know today.

Divine Infekt is synth heavy album featuring no Guitars, Bass or live drums compared to their latter albums. But it does contain Symphonic elements like strings and choir pads which feature heavly in Psyclon Nine's music.

Acording to Psyclon Nine's old site they used mainly Hardware Virtual Analogue synths and Drum Machines sequenced by Computer software they may have also used an Alesis electronic drum kit:

Cakewalk SONAR Computer MIDI and Audio Sequencer Digital Audio Workstation.

Nord Lead 3 Synthesizer.

Yamaha CS1X Synthesizer.

Korg KARMA Workstation.

Korg Electribes A, R and S.

Alesis Electronic Drum Kit.

The 'Infamous' Boss SE-50 Guitar Effects Processor.

The album starts quite differently from other Dark Electro acts who usually start their albums with a slow atmospheric build or an instrumental however it stops with distorted kick drum pattern and sample saying "We all deserve a life in hell"before the pitch shifted screams and synths kicking. The title track is relentless pounding track with a brilliant screaming choruses that lead into a brilliant build up with arpeggiated synths sequences. I love this track because it has a more metal tone than a Trance/Techno sytle like most Aggrotech/Dark Electro bands.

The next track Tyranny is a another stomping track with low pitch vocals in the verse and high pitch screams in the chorus. I really like choir pad cords in the verse which is a nice contrast from the previous track. The chorus is great hits you hard with arpeggiated bell synth. I really like the drums on this track there varied and have a very 'live' feel but with a hard electronic sound this really works well on this album.

Clinik is a fast paced track that starts with a modulated vocal. Probably one of the more dance orientated tracks on the album. I really like the samples in this track I also like the hit hat programming very Dismantled-like.

The next track is Slaughter a Symphonic Black Metal inspired track, P9 would continue to explore this style in their next album INRI. I like strings and choir pad on this track as well 'live' feel of the drums.

Resurrekt is another track Dark Electro track with a Symphonic Black Metal edge especially with the strings, rhythms and the vocals. Some cool sawtooth synth stabs on this one. I really do live the synth sounds on this album especially the bell synth sounds.

Payback is a short track fast paced track with massive strings and choir chords over a frantic rhythm. High pitch screams in full affect on this track. Like the other tracks on this album the drum programming is brilliant.

The next track Genocide is fast paced Aggrotech/Dark Electro style track. The synths on this track are relentless. Another track with interesting hit hat programming as well as being interesting sound wise.

Now Rusted is probably the most interesting track on the whole album next to As You Sleep due to its slow tempo and melodic feel the chorus is really sad and almost ballad like. I also like the vocals on this track because their low pitch compared to vocals on other tracks on the album. Very Symphonic too.

Next is probably my favourite off the whole album. 'So Be It' starts with a sample from Hellraiser Inferno but is used in a musical way which adds to the track, the synths are brilliant on this track filtered in and out and well sequenced. Love the vocals on this track. Awesome Symphonic Outro too.

Like 'Rusted', 'As You Sleep' is a Dark Electro track that really stands out chorus wise due to the vocoded vocal. I also like the steady rhythm of this track. 'As You Sleep' also has a really symphonic atmosphere do it as well.

The final track is a Tactical Sekt Remix of the titled track probably added as a bonus. I really like this remix because it is a more Aggrotech oriented version of Divine Infekt but without loosing the feel of the original mix. Plus it has a really nice throbing offbeat bass synth. A great ending to album even though I know that Nero was kinda annoyed that it got added to end of the album.

Overall Psylcon Nine's debut album is brilliant fusion of Dark Electro/Aggrotech sounds with a strong Symphonic Black Metal influence that makes album stand out.

Next I might review a classic Electro-Industial album, Velvet Acid Christ's 'Calling Ov the Dead'.

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